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Sports ankle socks available in three colors. The cuff, the toe and the heel are in contrast. It also has a drawing emulating buildings just below the cuff. The heel and toe are reinforced for durability and the cuff is held tight without pressing. Of all season plain and anti-pilling fabric that does not discolor with washes.

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Two pairs of ankle socks of high composition of combed cotton comb, highly breathable. With navy and red stripes type tennis.Made of all season fabric and with a very fine cuff that does not tighten. Reinforced heels and toe to ensure maximum durability, and a ribbed fabric that fits the entire foot without oppressing and without falling. Resists...

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Two pairs of socks in all season fabric. In addition to having a high composition in cotton, they have an open weave in the form of ribbed throughout the plant, for maximum transpiration and adaptation. The height is by the ankles. With a new "belt" around the instep that holds the sock for those people who use it with a lot of movement, such as runners....

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Two pairs pack of no pressure ankle socks in all season fabric. In addition to having a high composition in cotton, they have an open weave fabric in the shape of squares throughout the plant, for a maximum perspiration and sensation of comfort. The height is by the ankles. With contrasting toe line, the same tone as our logo on the side of the ankle. The...

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Two pairs pack of sporty ankle socks. It is suitable for the days and colder places, since it has a thermal fabric of pliable curl in all the sock. It retains the heat leaving moisture to perspire and the fabric gives a feeling of warmth and very nice cushioning. Of white color with toes, lines and heel to contrast of another color. It resists many washes...

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Two pairs of sporty ankle sock with winter fabric. It has a plump curl throughout the plant that shelters without retaining moisture and cushions the entire weight of the foot. Striped on the instep and with our logo on the floor. The cuff holds tightly without pressing and the fabric is anti-pilling and does not discolor with the washes. The cane is...

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