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100% cotton kids shorts. With pockets and sport type, very comfortable for any activity.

14,21 €

Shorts with pockets of 100% combed cotton. With elastic waist that does not squeeze the belly and sewn with sturdy and flat needles. A must have for everyday use in hot weather. Totally natural, breathable and anti-pilling fabric. Colors last with washings.

12,64 €
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Long pants of all season fabric, perfect for sports activities or to wear at school. The waist is elastic and does not tighten the belly, sewn with resistant and extra-flat needles. With cord at the waist and pockets at the sides. Straight waist and high durability, typical of our brand.

9,88 €
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Long pants with thermal napped fabric, perfect for cooler days and places. The pellet inside the pants shelter very comfortably. In addition, thanks to its composition, it is a garment that dries quickly after washing. The elastic waist does not tighten the belly. With cord at the waist and pockets at the sides. Straight stem and high durability, typical...

17,60 €
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